Blog like you text.

Gibberish is a blogging app that looks and feels like a messaging app. Its design tricks your brain into writing mode, making it easier to write more.

Tricks my brain… sorry, what?

Next time you’re out, look at people on their phones. They’re probably scrolling through some social apps. You don’t see many people using the keyboard anymore, except when they’re texting. Why? Because texting is the easiest form of writing. So that’s what Gibberish tries to replicate.

One bubble at a time.

Gibberish’s design removes a lot of stress from the writing process. Typing in a tiny text field is less stressful than staring at a blank screen. Working on one paragraph at a time is less stressful than working on the whole post.

You can start by writing down whatever comes to mind. As these thoughts build up and look more like a blog post, then tweak and publish them.

Gibberish on iOS and Mac.

You can use the web app for all your writing. But, I’ve also put together apps for iOS and Mac that are quite nice. You might want to check them out.

Give Gibberish a try.

Try it for free for 30 days. No credit card required. After that, it’s $5/month.

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